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Floor doors

Floor doors can be supplied with a hinged and detachable floor door cover. Generally, the floor door cover will be flush with the surface of the floor. One surface mounted model is available.

Floor door covers are made of checker plate. The cover for ceramic tiles and carpet is made of aluminium sheeting. Depending on size, one or two floor door covers are installed. Floor doors are supplied including floor door cover and frame. Depending on the model, the frame of the floor door is provided with integrated anchors all around the perimeter, or welded adjustable anchors.

Features of hinged floor doors, flush

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

All aluminium floor door models are suitable for indoor and outdoor application. The drainaged frame of the floor door can be supplied with a ø 40 mm drain for connection to storm-water flow.

Floor door can be combined with ladder and fixed stair case

Depending on the application and size, hinged flush floor doors can be combined with a fixed vertical ladder, ladders or fixed stairs. In some cases retractable stairs can be installed.

Safe and user-friendly

  • Smooth and comfortable one-hand operation, regardless of the size and weight.
  • The counter-balance system offers assisted opening and controlled closing with one hand.
  • The floor door cover automatically engages in an open position and releases with one hand.
  • A FixGrip will be supplied for models 1000 mm plus.
  • Anti-skid checker plate floor door cover with flush grip.

The GORTER Fémipari Zrt. deals with the development and production of the floor door,
even the sales does not belong to the firm's competence.


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