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Robot welding

Our company has a long expirience of welding aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. We increase the efficiency and accuracy of welding work processes by setting up a welding robot system.

The PA-E-Frame-S System is a robotic welding cell for automated MIG/MAG (Steel, and aluminum welding) welding, consisting of 1 Panasonic TM-20000WGH3 (TAWERS) welding robot, 2 Panasonic PD1000 positioners, and a linear travel path and associated with servomotor.


The operator places the parts to be welded into the specially designed welding Jig either on the A or B side. When it’s completed, confirms the load by pressing a button. By pressing the "Start" button, the robot starting welding based on pre-programmed process.

When the process is finished, the robot returns to its safe starting position and waits for a "Start" signal to start the next welding cycle. The advantage of the system is that, while the robot is welding on one side, the operator removes the finished component on the other side. Using this method one welder can produce different parts at the same time, every time high quality.


Welding of aluminum product


Welding of steel products


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