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After our recently commissioned welding robot, our machine park will soon be expanded with another robot. Our company, in the framework of the GINOP-1.2.10-19-2019-00110 support entitled “Technology Development Project of Gorter Zrt.”, Will acquire and install a Yaskawa ArcSystem 8000 arc welding robot in the near future.

YASKAWA, which is a world market leader in arc welding robotics with its benchmark and trend-setting developments, has sold more than 300,000 industrial robots worldwide today. Of this, approx. There are 600 works, which are approx. half arc welding robot.


Yaskawa ArcSystem 8000 technical units:

  • 1 pc. Yaskawa AR2010 type industrial robot with integrated cabling, YRC1000 control, with color touch screen programming panel
  • 1 pc. set of robot cables
  • 1 pc. tilted base
  • 1 pc. YASKAWA VMF-500S5DL (H = 1000, D = 2000) type two-axis positioning device with a load capacity of 500 kg
  • 1 pc. YASKAWA TCS-D type automatic welding head cleaning device with mechanical gas nozzle cleaner, automatic wire cutter and spray unit, integrated in the robot cell
  • Sensor technology
    • 1 pc. 200 V seam detection sensor integrated in the robot control
    • 1 pc. arc sensor seam tracking system integrated in the robot control
  • Security system
    • Complete mechanical safety system
    • Complete electrical safety system
  • 1 pc. Fronius TPSi500 type water-cooled consumable shielded arc welding equipment with LSC and PMC software


Layout diagram of Yaskawa ArcSystem 8000


Following the acquisition and commissioning of the new robot system, the welding quality and production efficiency of Gorter Zrt.'s site will further improve.


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