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Integrated Quality Policy

Integrated Policy

Gorter Fémipari Zrt. is the member of Hungarian Association Of Aluminium Surface Treatment Companies and ESTAL ( Association for Eurpean Surface Treatment of Aluminium). Among others the main strategic aim of the comany dealing winth the surface treatment of products made of aluminium and steel sheet and of pressed aluminium profiles is to reach the business excellence and its continuous improvement.

To realize this aim the management of GORTER Fémipari Zrt. decided to introduce and continuously to improve the Integrated Comany Management system which shall include the Quality and Environmental Management Systems based on MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009; and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005; standards.

The aim of GORTER Fémipari Zrt. is the continuous improvement of competitiveness which requires the rational management of the resources, the quick responding to the environment and to the market, the constant improvement of the adaptability.

During the designing and manufacturing process of the products GORTER Fémipri Zrt. via the applied process and job directions corresponds to:

  • professional, technological and special requirements of the customers, users, partners;
  • general and local environment control laws and rules;
  • requirements of labour safety and health.

To attain its goals the company operates an Environmental Management System which recognizes and evaluates the potential safety hazards and applies proper solutins to eliminate or diminish them; which guarantees the minimum environment damage and prevents the healt injury or hazard of the employees. The means for the achievement are the applied technolgy, the professional konwledge of the managers and employees, the continuous monitoring and the premanent training.

The management of GORTER Fémipari Zrt. is comletely committed to the achievement of quality and environmental aims and does its best to properly motivate the empoyees and suppliers in reaching the appointed goals.

The top management Gorter Fémipari Zrt. shall continuously operate the Integrated Management System, shall permanently monitor its operation and efficiency and shall continuously improve the system.

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