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Roof hathces

Roof hatches - egress on the roof through Gorter® roof hatches


Roof access to flat roofs requires optimal safety. International safety regulations limit, and in some even forbid, the use of ladders. Roof access to roofs higher than 10 meters is not allowed any longer. The safest way to access the roof is by using the existing stairs or lift in the building. In combination with a roof hatch, the last few meters can be ascended via fixed stairs, retractable stairs or a safety ladder.

Safety of a Gorter roof hatch

  • Opening and closing with one hand
  • Cover engages in open position
  • A safe hand rail for entering and leaving
  • The closed cover protects against accidental fails

Robust and reliable

  • Durable wind and weather proof finish
  • Flexible sealing between curb and cover
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Cylinderlock with Eurocylinder
  • Larger sizes with three point latch
  • Thermal insulation
  • Curb included
  • Aluminium construction


  • Concrete and steel roofs
  • Roof pitch up to 30°

The GORTER Fémipari Zrt. deals with the development and production of the roof hatch,
even the sales does not belong to the firm's competence.


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