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About Us

Short history of the Company:

1948-1967 Service station for Agricultural machinery
1968-1986 Subsidy of Goverment owned Agrikultura Machine Factory
1986-1990 Sister firm of AGRIKON
Self company in the AGRIKON GROUP as Agrikon Metal Industrial Plc.
1994 The pricatization of Agrikon Metal Industrial Plc. 
Changing ownership of Agrikon Metal Industrial Plc. (100% is owned by Agrikon KAM Ltd.)
Changing ownership and name into GORTER Metal Industrial Plc. (The new owners are: 75%-ban SÁS Investment Ltd. 25%-ban Gorter Group BV.)


Before the change in Hungary, the company was owned by the Government and it was part of MEZŐGÉP, later AGRIKON Bács-Kiskun County. The main line of business was vehicles window manufacturing for IKARUS, and servicing agricultural machinery.

At 1990 Agrikon Metal Industrial Plc. were established and removed from Agrikon Group. The owner of the newly established Public Limited Company was Mezőgép-Agrikon group, and the main activities are remained as before.

At 1994, during the privatisation, the issued shares were bought by private persons. During this time, the main line of business were: manufacturing vehicles windows for buses, manufacturing industry and house hold ladders, manufacturing electrical connections cabinets, manufacturing aluminium frame windows, doors, and facades. The other main competence of the company was the aluminium surface treatment, as anodising and electrostatic powder coating.

Starting from the year 2000 the core business started to be more the manufacturing of aluminium, and steel parts. At 2004 more steel parts manufacturing moved to the company. The manufacturing of these parts still remains within the company and even increasing year by year.
Starting from 09.02.2009. 100% of the shares were owned by SÁS Investment Ltd. and changed the name to GORTER Metal Industrial Plc. The GORTER Group B.V. Nederland has bought at  24.06.2009 25% newly issued shares of the company.

The GORTER Metal Industrial Plc. is located 80 KM south-east from Budapest, very near to the M5 motorway, and 20 KM from Kecskemet town, in Kerekegyháza.
The core competences of the company are: Aluminium sheet and extruded profiles, steel sheet and profiles processing, starting from base material till painted, assembled finished products. Roof hatches, Floor doors, Wall and Ceiling door, etc. The other core competence is the surface treatment. We are able to treat steel and aluminium parts, using Catheforetic Primering, Electrostatic Powder Coating, Zink-phosfating and Anodising.

Worker within the company 64 Person, out of this amount 50 is blue collar.
The total are owned by the company is 33.184 M2. Built in area is 7.287 M2.

Core competences:

  • Aluminium and steel Surface Treatment
  • Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium parts manufacturing

The Gorter Metal Industrial Plc. consist 3 manufacturing area:

  • Sheet metal processing plant
  • Surface Treatment plant

Készítette: newtime kft.

Contact Telefon: 76/546-013
GORTER FÉMIPARI ZRT. Fax: 76/546-010
Kerekegyháza, Dózsa György út 1.     Email: info@gorterzrt.hu