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We planted our Oxy trees

A so-called “Oxy tree” plantation has been established on the Kerekegyháza premises of Gorter Metal Industrial Plc. We planted 6 saplings of a special plant producing an immense amount of oxygen. By purchasing and planting the trees, Zoltán Hugyecz, CEO of Gorter Metal Industrial Plc. has joined in the ZeroCO2 sustainable CSR program within the frame of sustainable development and efficient environment protection. Establishing an own Oxy tree plantation forms a vital part of this program.

“We are aware of the fact that the operation of enterprises and manufacturing of products lay a serious CO2 burden on our atmosphere, therefore we purchased the so-called Oxy trees as a neutralisation. Oxy tree is a climate control plant produced in Spain with unique properties. Plants which are highly effective in improving air quality are classified as climate control plants.” – recounted Zoltán Hugyecz CEO after the tree plantation.


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