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We presented water park season tickets to the children of the local foster home

Gorter Metal Industrial Plc. has had a long history of providing help combined with adventure to all the children in need, who suffer from illnesses and live in foster homes.

We are aware that many of them even have to go without parental care, therefore they are not able to experience joyous moments of a carefree summer holiday.

Children living in the local foster home (Kecskemét Kindergarten, Primary School, Skills Development Vocational School, Boarding School, Foster Home and Social Institute, Unified Special Education Methodology Institute) scarcely have the possibility to experience an adventure outside their home, which would thus provide a solid base of a balanced and happy adult life.

Within the frame of a new charity programme Gorter Metal Industrial Plc. presented a surprise to the children of the foster home. In order to help to provide a pleasant summer holiday for them, our company bought season tickets to the Kecskemét Water and Amusement Park for 30 children and 20 accompanying teachers.

The entry tickets were symbolically handed over by Zoltán Hugyecz CEO to the representatives of the institute.


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