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Powder Coating

Powder coating is the state-of-the-art environmentally friendly surface treatment process for corrosion protection. It is suitable for all metal surfaces, making it the most sought-after coating in the metal industry, mechanical engineering, food industry and healthcare. It provides excellent corrosion protection with a quality aesthetic appearance and RAL shades.

Electrostatic powder coating, also known as sintering, is a development of an earlier technology. The method is intended to make the coating more durable and a much more environmentally friendly process than solvent painting. The essence of the process is that the plastic is electrostatically charged, which is polyester or epoxy polyester, and the metal object attracts it. The layer thickness can be controlled by the electrostatic powder spraying technique.

During powder painting, electrostatic powder spraying, sintering, the powder is charged and the workpiece is grounded. The metal actually attracts the toner. What does not stick to the surface is usually sucked out with an extraction device called a cyclone and can even be recovered and reused.


Powder coating technology

Surface preparation: Metal surfaces are cleaned by chemical treatment or mechanical sandblasting. In the case of chemical treatment, after degreasing, an OXILAN or Zirconium - titanium conversion layer with a thickness of 1 to 3 microns is formed on the surface to increase the adhesion.

Powder spraying: The plastic-based powder paint is sprayed on the cleaned metal surface with a special powder spraying equipment on the cold-formed metal surface in a cabin, which adheres to the surface due to static charge. By changing the statics, the adhering layer can be controlled.

Incineration: In a convection or air mixing furnace, the powdered elements are read on the surface of the metal for a period of 15-20 minutes in the heat range of 160-180 °C.

The resulting recooled surface corresponds to a layer thickness of 50-70 microns. This layer can be increased by priming, double powder spraying, with a warm metal surface up to 150-250 microns.

Electrostatic powder spraying in 80 + -20 micron layers.

Fusing oven maximum internal size: 6800x700x1350mmíbr> Fusing furnace power 100kW.

Power of powder spraying shift: 200-400m2


Our company also undertakes sintering in contract work, which we have already done to the greatest satisfaction of our customers. in case of special needs, we guarantee our powder-coated surface treatment for many years.


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